"I do not buy the philosophy emerging with the mega-banks that community banks are going to become extinct."  George Brawley, President

Brawley is a Mooresville native who graduated from the local high school and went on to graduate from Appalachian State Teachers College.  He joined the institution in 1957 as a Teller and held several other positions within the Savings and Loan before becoming President in 1969.

Working his way up helped him understand how to help people, according to Brawley.  "I'm not known as Mr. Anybody, I'm known as George.  This is the personal service that people want.  People can say, 'I had a problem, and the Bank President took care of it for me'.  That's something large banks just don't offer."

Chartered in 1937 and operated as a Federally Charted Savings and Loan Association.  In 1994 we changed charters to a State Chartered Savings Bank.  In 1997 we went public with Coddle Creek Financial Company as our Holding Company.

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